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About Me

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My Name Is Paulo

Okie dokie, let's get the basic stuff down first. My name is Paulo, and photography is one of my favourite and most loved hobbies. I find it so pleasant and enjoyable, and I believe it is a great activity that anyone can get into - give it a try if you haven't! :)

My First Camera, And "Story" Then On

I got my very first camera at Christmas when I was about 5 or 6. It was big and colourful, but also very bulky. It had a one-inch LCD screen, no zoom, no video capabilities, and only a picture quality of 0.3 megapixels. But nevertheless, I loved it! I had never owned or even used a camera before, so this was amazing to me - to be able to point it at something, have it appear on a screen in front of me, be able to click a button, and it be stored to view at any time I wanted seemed phenomenal at the time! I had seen others use cameras before and knew what they were, but this just felt different - It was my camera, and I was in control of what images it took - and I could use it anywhere, any day, any time!

A few years later, and I eventually started to become less and less interested in my camera. Not because I didn't like it or didn't find it fun anymore, but because the storage was completely full. Of course, I could delete photos, and I did delete some of them - but it just didn't feel good - it felt like I was destroying my own creation! I couldn't do that - I had put so much effort into it! I mean, looking back now, I can safely say that about 95% of them weren't any good at all haha, but it was just so fun to take pictures - I didn't want to lose any of my "precious photos"...

So, after that, I developed a passion for computers. It fascinated me the things I could do with them, even if my ability was quite limited at the time. I liked to see what I could achieve and discover, and I enjoyed finding fun games I could play on the internet. Since then, I have always loved computers, and it has always been my speciality and what I have been good at. I taught myself how to program in visual basic - the overwhelming sense of accomplishment was just magnificent when I first managed to get my computer to display the message "Hello World" in a message box on the screen; it seemed extraordinary!

I developed from this, and years later, I learned how to program more advanced things such as an educational science game, and a secure password manager; programming was truly my passion. I just loved it.

I went on to learn more complicated things and other programming languages - and it felt great to be good at something, especially something that no one else around me seemed to understand - nor friends or family. :P And that great feeling of being able to talk about something to someone and know exactly what I'm on about, and be able to teach other people how to do certain things felt amazing!

Feeling like I was really enjoying all of this computing lark, I decided to apply for a level 3 BTEC computing course in college after finishing secondary school.

The Christmas just before I finished school and applied for college, I was also given an amazing new camera - the one I am using today. I had also gotten a new camera about 3 or 4 years back, but this new one was a lot better. I also considered taking a photography course in college too because of this, as I also found my passion for photography again. However, my computing course took up my entire timetable, so I had to choose - because I planned to ultimately get a job in the computing industry, I chose that course. Although, there's always a chance to apply afterwards, or at any other time... ;)

Anyway, my enthusiasm for photography grew stronger, and it soon became one of my favourite activities, along side my computer. It grew so strong in fact, that I decided to purchase a website to showcase my photos - this site! Proudly created with and powered by SmugMug. I have not yet begun selling any of my work, but I hope that in the future, I will be able to make some sales - hopefully, even enough per month to pay off my subscription for the website! ;)

Contact Me

I love hearing from fans and other photographers. Feel free to send me a message - I don't bite! ;)