Terms Of Service


Terms and conditions on most websites can be pretty long and boring most of the time. Who would want to read a big long paragraph on copyright with massive lengthy sentences and unnecessarily overcomplicated words, when all it actually says is "don't copy our stuff"? What an expendably unwarranted disproportionate sentence inessential for successful comprehending of such a statement.

So, to prevent all that annoyance, I've opted to make this as short and understandable as possible, able to be read by a normal person, while still retaining all important and essential details.

1. Age Restrictions

You should be over the age of 13 to use this website, and over the age of 18 to purchase anything. If you do not meet this minimum age requirement, please get parental consent before visiting or making a purchase.

Please note that this is merely a guideline. I am also not responsible for assuring compliance.

2. Copyright

The photos on this website are protected by UK copyright law. Using them in any way, such as stealing, hotlinking or otherwise, without obtaining prior permission or without purchasing the necessary license is illegal and prohibited, and legal action may be taken for any such occurrence.

3. Privacy

Personal information is called personal information for a reason - it's personal. I treat all personal data you ever provide to me as strictly private and confidential. You can read my full privacy policy here.

4. Linking To This Site

Feel free to link to this site anywhere you like as long as the site you are linking it on does not contain any adult material or promote any illegal content, activity or otherwise, in any way.

5. My Logos

You may ONLY use my logos while linking back to this website, preferably to my homepage. You may not use it anywhere else or claim it as your own. This is classed as copyright infringement, and goes against section two of these terms.

However, if you would like to use it elsewhere, I may allow you to do so on a case-by-case basis if you contact me beforehand. I am also entitled to grant case-by-case basis' at any time at my sole discretion.

6. Social

People may post comments on photos, videos, social media posts and elsewhere - I am not responsible for anything people post, and you are solely responsible for whatever you post yourself, should you decide to do so. Do not include any personal information in such content.

7. Off-Site Links

You are allowed to post off-site links in comments/etc as long as the site you are linking to does not contain any adult material or promote any illegal content, activity or otherwise, in any way. In any case which I find this term broken, the infringing content will be removed, and you may be banned permanently from posting comments depending on the severity. However, I am not responsible for checking any comments/etc to ensure this regulation is followed.

8. Use Of My Site

You are solely responsible for the use of my site - you use it at your own risk. By using my website and any of my services, you hold me and any of my employees, assignees and/or clients, completely harmless to any claims, court proceedings or otherwise, of any type in any case and circumstance including but not limited to defamation, libel or breach of privacy.

9. Changes To This Page

I am allowed, at my sole discretion, to modify this page whenever I deem fit without prior or post notice. You are solely responsible for checking for any changes in these terms.

By using this site, you are agreeing to the terms outlined above.

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